Duggan House Museum

Located at 520 East Waylon Jennings Boulevard, the Duggan House, known as the Littlefield Lands / Duggan House Museum, began as a one-room lean-to residence for the Arthur P. Duggan family.


A black and white photo of the Duggan Home

Arthur P. Duggan was the nephew by marriage of Major George W. Littlefield, and served as his land agent when Major Littlefield made the decision to settle the area. Duggan moved the house from South Camp, about 20 miles to the south and west of Littlefield, as a first home for his bride, Sarah Elizabeth Harral Duggan.

People gather outside the Duggan House Museum

The most frequently stated reason for people coming to purchase land in the Littlefield area was the fresh and comparatively cheap land and the "call of the West". Many bought land to create settlements such as the Mennonites.


Included in the museum is a "Radio Room" which houses memorabilia from the city's radio station, first labeled KVOW, then KZZN now using the call letters KTOA. Waylon Jennings, a local boy who did extremely well in his musical career, started at KVOA as a disk jockey. Jimmy Zed Robinson was a mentor to Waylon Jennings as well as earning the title of celebrity because of his skill at writing songs. He penned the theme songs to many early television shows and sang with "The Drifters" and Gene Autry.


The museum coordinates with schools and other educational facilities to provide quality local historical information to all educational levels. New items of significant historical interest are constantly being added to our collection.

The museum serves as a center of activity for the community, encouraging all residents, business owners, club members, and others to utilize the museum for community activities.

Annual Events

The annual Thanksgiving dinner, wine tasting event along with the Christmas open house and at least three fund-raising dances per year make the museum a very busy place. The Museum provides a "Community Happenin's" board listing as many area-wide events as possible. The board is conveniently located on the porch of the museum for all to see.


The Board of Directors for the museum are Jan McCrary, president; David B. Gracie; H. Bobby Pylant; Jack Durbin, and Wanda Erickson with Calvin Price and Lottie Smith on the advisory board.


Museum is available for weddings, birthday parties, receptions, meetings, and educational events. Contact the museum for more information