Emergency Medical Services

Littlefield EMS Group Photo


Littlefield Emergency Medical Services is a city owned and operated ambulance service that was organized in September of 1987. Its mission is to provide the highest quality pre-hospital care at the lowest taxpayer burden. 


Littlefield EMS will Work diligently to serve the public through our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. We will strive to gain the trust and confidence of the public, and to always remember the human aspect of our job. Our staff will interact with other health care professionals to improve patient care while staying abreast of the latest technology in Emergency Medical Services. We will promote the betterment of Emergency Medical Services through serving on local, regional, and state committees and will take an active role in educating the public in matters of safety, injury prevention and health issues. In addition, we will strive to lessen the burden of our financial supporters through the collection of user fees, by seeking grants, and hosting fundraisers.

Personnel & Equipment

Littlefield EMS is a combination service of 22 certified members that include a staff of paid employees and volunteers. Littlefield EMS currently has 7 EMTs, 6 Advanced EMTs, and 9 Paramedics. Littlefield EMS currently utilizes three BLS/MICU capable type I ambulances, as well as a 4x4 capable first responder Tahoe and one command vehicle for travel down roads during or following inclement weather where our larger ambulances would otherwise be unable to access. First responder vehicles are also used for crew management and during response to paramedic assistance calls for requesting departments to keep ambulances available.  

Service Area

Littlefield EMS serves a population of nearly 8,500 people covering 350 square miles in the southeastern part of Lamb County and the northern part of Hockley County. Call volume averages 1,300 calls for service per year including scene calls and emergency transports from the local level-four hospital into tertiary care centers in Lubbock. Littlefield EMS also provides non-emergent transport for the community and surrounding area as requested. Law enforcement and fire department stand-by is also provided by the EMS service.

Littlefield EMS is the primary provider for the cities of Littlefield, Spade, Fieldton, and Anton. It also acts as paramedic back-up for Amherst, Earth, Sudan, and Olton as requested, as well as to distant EMS services travelling on Hwy 84 who request paramedic assistance.

Medical Direction & Recognition

As a member of South Plains EMS, Littlefield EMS obtains medical direction through the physician designated by the organization. Treatment protocols are very progressive and are reviewed and updated each year to assure the best in pre-hospital care. The SPEMS QI / QM and peer review programs have been used as models throughout the state. 

The service has also been recognized and has received rewards on a local, regional, and state level.

Community Involvement

Littlefield EMS is involved in the community in teaching CPR classes, assisting in safety and health fairs, conducting child safety classes and fall prevention education, and promoting EMS education. Anyone interested in becoming an EMT is encouraged to contact the EMS office and speak with the director.