About Littlefield

Littlefield is a vibrant community nestled in the farm land of West Texas and just 15 minutes northwest of Lubbock. A contemporary small town in West Texas that prides itself on a rich historical heritage, tree-lined streets, surrounded by expanses of farm land.

Littlefield continues to be rich in life and culture. The healthy economic climate, low crime rate, productive work force, cultural diversity and community make Littlefiled a great place for residents and visitors alike. No matter what your goal may be - finding a new career, raising a family, discovering a new way of life or simply enjoying nature's pleasures, Littlefield offers outstanding opportunities.

Littlefield has a rapidly growing economy that provides a solid platform for business and proudly boasts of a balanced diversification with new and long-standing private businesses, farming and industry.

Not only does Littlefield have it all, but we would like to share it with you. Whether you are visiting for the day or staying for a lifetime, you will find whatever you are looking for, right here in Littlefield!

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Lamb County

Littlefield, Texas is the county seat of Lamb County, Texas and is located in the heart of cotton country on the beautiful Llano Estacado.


According to the 2013 Census: 6,274 people


6.3 square miles

An illustrated map of Texas, showing the location of Littlefield


3,556 feet

Geographic Coordinates

Littlefield is located at 33° 55' 10" N, 102° 19' 55" W (33.919561, -102.332660).


Littlefield has a mild, semi-arid climate. On average, Littlefield receives 18 inches of precipitation per year. Summers in Littlefield are hot, with high temperatures in the 90s °F and dropping into the 60s °F at night. The highest recorded temperature was 112° in 1994. Winter days in Littlefield are typically sunny and relatively mild in the mid 50s °F, but nights are cold with temperatures dipping into the mid 20s °F. The lowest recorded temperature was -6 ° F in 1979.

Median Age

34.1 years

Median Household Income