Family Resource Center


The Lamb County Family Resource Center provides a variety of services including:

  • Alcohol and drug intervention
  • Moral reconation therapy (MRT)
  • Parent education
  • Self-development

Services for a fee available through private providers include: 

  • Anger management
  • DWI and MIP classes for adults and youth
  • Individual and marital counseling


Lamb County Family Resource Center offers services for Lamb County families.   General office hours are 8:30AM to 12PM and 1:00PM to 5:00PM Monday – Friday with extended hours for specific programs as scheduled.  Closed Saturday and Sunday. For more information please call 806-385-3766.



Carrie Barden B.S. Chief of Lamb County Juvenile Probation 

Supervisor of Programs, Providers and Services. 


Tony Lucero B.S. Juvenile Probation Officer 

Supervision of youth, provides classes on Moral Reconation Therapy.


Karen Harmon MA, LPC, LSOTP - Family Support Specialist

Provides support and guidance to youth and families. 


Terri Hanna Administrative Assistant

Main contact for scheduling appointments: 806-385-4222 Ext. 239

Service Inquiries

Youth Community Supervision and Community Services after School Program:   “LIVE your best life.”


Available through school, self, and/or parent referral. Referrals are accepted from the District, County, or City Courts, including School Truancy. Programs are available on an individual basis. Individuals will be required to attend classes as assigned.  All classes offered to the youth and families are free of charge unless failure to attend requires you to restart the program; then there will be a fee. 



  • Life Steps
  • Anger Management
  • Cannabis Youth Treatment
  • 7 Challenges
  • Moral Reconation Therapy
  • Community Service


Erma Ellis BSW 

Facilitates adult and youth anger management classes. Youth Anger Management is part of the Family Resource Center Programs on Tuesdays. Adult classes are available by appointment and private pay is accepted. Please call 806-385-3766 to schedule an appointment. 


Kim Clardy – Coordinator for the Lamb County Drug Free Community Grant

The Drug Free Community Grant is a grant written for and awarded to Lamb County Llano Estacado Alliance for Families (LEAF) - a collaboration of multiple counties in the Central Plains Center catchment area (the local mental health authority) working towards a common goal to improve mental health in our area. The grant was written for Our Place and Lamb County Juvenile Probation Department. 

The Drug Free Community grant is designed to help Lamb County work towards a drug-free lifestyle and healthier view on youth and their use of any type of drugs - alcohol, tobacco, (vaping) and marijuana are the major focus. Educating the community, youth, families and developing a coalition to work towards this goal are key to a healthier and happier lifestyle. With the help of the community, we can make a change! If you are interested in becoming a part of this important Coalition, please contact

Kim Clardy at 806-523-9074


Central Plains Center

Central Plains Center facilitates the 7 Challenges and Cannabis Youth Treatment Programs. 

For questions related to these programs, please call 806-385-3766


Other services available in our community to those not referred through juvenile probation: 


Laura Locke, MS, LPC, LSOTP, ESMHL

Private Practice Counselor. Available by appointment only. Provides marriage, family, youth, and individual counseling. She also provides equine therapy and parenting classes by appointment only. 

Please call 615-812-3473 to discuss payment and schedule appointments. 


Karen Harmon MA, LPC, LSOTP

Private Practice Counselor. Available by appointment only. Accepts Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Private Pay. 

Please call 806-930-5651 to schedule an appointment. 


Eddie Harris - State Certified Instructor of Youth and Adult DWI and MIP Education

Classes held each month. Accepts private pay. 

Please call 806-559-9464 to schedule an appointment.