Area & Services

The Littlefield Fire Department offers a very important service to Littlefield and the surrounding county. In addition to serving the city of Littlefield, the department also serves about a third of the Lamb County's rural sector. The fire department provides mutual aid to area communities that request their help as well.

Children stand in front of a Littlefield Fire vehicle

The Fire Department also operates rescue services out of the fire department, including the jaws of life or any other rescue service that is needed. Fire prevention programs are presented to Littlefield Schools and other community organizations at their request. The department provides state inspections for nursing homes, hospitals, and other state facilities.

Personnel & Equipment

Jamie Grey is the chief of the Littlefield Fire Department, who has been with the department since 1981 and has been the chief since 2002. The department is staffed with the chief and 1 full-time paid professional firemen, certified by the Texas Commission of Fire Protection. The department currently has 20 volunteer fighters certified by the State Firemen's and Fire Marshals Association of Texas. 

The department has a total of 8 vehicles:

  • 2  fire engines or pumpers
  • 2 booster trucks for grass fires
  • A command vehicle
  • A military-type vehicle that has been converted to fight brush fires in the Sandhills
  • A rescue vehicle
  • A tanker

Littlefield Volunteer Fire Department

The Littlefield Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1924 and is classified as a combination department. It is the first responder for approximately 340 square miles of Lamb County's 911 response area. The City of Littlefield has an ISO rating of 4. 


The mission of the Littlefield Volunteer Fire Department shall be the protection of lives and property from fire, hazardous materials, natural disasters, and other emergencies. This purpose is achieved by maintaining an organized force of volunteers trained, equipped, and qualified to respond to such situations. 

The Littlefield Volunteer Fire Department exists to augment to the personnel of the Littlefield Fire Department. In response to fires, hazardous materials incidents, natural disasters, and other emergencies, the Littlefield Volunteer Fire Department will be fully integrated into the Littlefield Fire department to allow unified, coordinated, and integrated response, functioning together as one.


With the exception of holidays, the Volunteer Fire Department holds a monthly meeting on the first Monday of every month and in-house fire training on every second, third, and fourth Monday starting at 7 p.m.

Becoming a Firefighter

Anyone interested in becoming a fire fighter and can meet the basic requirements, is invited to contact the fire chief at the Littlefield Fire Department at 806-385-5161, ext. 261.